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Paqt – the agreement platform. We’ve redefined digital dealmaking with a professional chat and a set of tools, which make it efficient and legally powerful. Digital ID, in-chat digital signatures, micro-agreements and contract generation – all is collected in a ready to use tool. How it works? Identified parties will negotiate the terms in a group chat, formalize and put them in an agreement template, sign it, execute the contract, manage their on-going relationships and archive the entire thing, which they can then use in case of a dispute. Paqt is making the digital agreement process enjoyable without compromising the speed and legal security. Strike deals with Paqt today –

Founding Team:

Anatolii Shkliaruk ( is the CEO and Co-Founder of Paqt. He is responsible for most of the operations, fundraising and sales. Prior to founding Paqt, Anatolii has worked in AML & Compliance at BMO and founded another successful startup Quick-Fix – the first on-demand iPhone repair service in Ukraine. He also has participated as a Secretary-General and part of the organizing team in the 5th Anniversary Kyiv International Model United Nations – a massive diplomatic simulation event for students held on premises of the Parliament of Ukraine. Anatolii earned two Bachelor degrees – Finance and Credit from Kyiv National Economic University and Marketing from Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics and two post-graduate certificates form Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology – Salesforce Automation & CRM Analytics; Financial Compliance Administration.

Slava Svitlychniy ( is the CTO and Co-Founder of Paqt. He is responsible for the technical infrastructure, development team & processes. Slava has over 5 years of experience in web and software development in the IT industry in Ukraine. Sviatolav has participated in multiple projects holding various technical roles (CTO, Product Owner, Project Manager), among them: MOPS – multifunctional manufacturing studio in Lviv, Ukraine. They work with wood, leather, plastic, light metals, and 3D printing. The studio provides industrial product design and manufacturing for B2C and B2B customers; ShopDrobe is a startup with an idea to make the process of searching for your style in clothes exciting and straightforward (it was like Instagram for clothing, way before Instagram added tags & the shop feature); Krasa – CRM system for beauty salons, linked with a mobile application for online scheduling, purchases & recording customer information. Architecture, Back-office, CRM capabilities – full web-app. Currently Slava runs an IT development shop called CodeHarbor and had previous experience of IT outsourcing.  He has completed a Master of Arts in Business Informatics and Applied Mathematics from Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev, Ukraine and further courses in project management.

William Muir ( is the Chief Product and Legal Officer and Co-Founder of Paqt. He is a licensed lawyer practicing in civil litigation in Toronto (2016 call) and an economist by training. He is a graduate of the Juris Doctor/Master of Arts in Economics program at University of Toronto where he received multiple academic awards for his scholarship, including the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Master’s Research scholarship from SSHRC, the course prize for 1st place standing in Canadian Income Tax Law, and the Martin L. Friedland award for best paper of the year in Volume 72 of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review. William also served as the Co-Editor-In-Chief of Volume 73 of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review. He has completed several courses in business, legal innovation, contracts, and contract theory and is an active member of the legal tech community in Toronto. He is currently working with Paqt as the director of legal and product development.

Our Advisors:

Faroukh Elghamry ( Founder Satellite Farms, CDL Fellow ) 

Benjamin Waksmunski ( Product Manager, Capital One, USA)

Jennifer Reedie (, Consultant, Marketing Director, multiple previous marketing roles)

Gillian Bagiamis (, Director of Marketing, Loyalty One)

Fedor Suzdalev (, Sales/BD, Project Management, Currently a consultant 

Lidia Bit-Yunan (, Co-Founder at Set Scouter, EIR @ Founder Institute Canada)

Maryam Salehijam (, Legal-tech expert, Author, Business Development for legal tech)

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