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Paqt has won the 1st 🥇 place at the Cyber Pitch 2020 (Houston Cyber Summit).

We’re glad to announce that Paqt has taken the first place at the Hatch Pitch event held as part of the Houston Cyber Security Summit 2020. Paqt was chosen amongst hundreds of applicants to pitch at the Cyber Pitch 2020 – only 4 teams have made it to the finale.

Our killer pitch:

Winner announcement:

The on-air judges were Rahul Sood (Co-Founder of Unikrn & Creator of Microsoft Ventures), Sue Jain (Senior Technology & Analytics Executive), Richard Munassi (Co-Founder of Blackfin Technology Partners & Blackfin Venture Partners). Off-air, but very active in the livestream chat, were scoring judges Ben Wilson (CTO, Google Energy), Roger Casals (Founder & CEO, Plazah); Kerty Levy (Managing Director, Techstars); Sajeev Prelis (Partner, CyberGuard Compliance LLP); Yale Zhang (Founder, Safe Heart); Dennis Dayman (President, SURVIVR); Juliette Richert (Associate, The Artemis Fund); Roberto Moctezuma (Founder & CEO, Fractal River); Mark Streich (Co-Founder, SquareFairy); Paulo Machado (CEO & Founder, Health Innovation Partners); Bart Bohn (Director, Blackstone LaunchPad); Jake McKee (CEO, Community5); Katie Baker (Director and advisor); Kyle Cox (Partner, ATP); Mike Steely (Co-Founder, Vocool); Thor Schueler (Senior Director, Avanade); Steve Forte (Managing Partner, Fresco Capital).

Paqt – the agreement platform. We’ve redefined digital dealmaking with a professional chat and a set of tools, which make it efficient and legally powerful. Digital ID, Contract creation and negotiations (red-line process) and in-chat digital signatures – all is collected in a ready to use tool.

How it works?
Identified parties will negotiate the terms in a group chat, formalize and put them in an agreement template, sign it, execute the contract, manage their on-going relationships and archive the entire thing, which they can then use in case of a dispute. Paqt is making the digital agreement process enjoyable without compromising the speed and legal security.

Strike deals with Paqt today!
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Paqt has won the 1st 🥇 place at the Cyber Pitch 2020 (Houston Cyber Summit).
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